Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe

Interview Prep Sessions: We have discovered that even top students do not realize that etiquette, manners and body language matter in college admissions.   It's not what you say, it's how you say it, the etiquette and manners involved, and your personal delivery.   Sometimes what you say and how you say may be misinterpreted. We help our attendees with the proper etiquette, manners and body language in college admissions. 

Difference Advantage:  The reason why top students get rejected: "They sound unique just like everyone else". They read the same books, read the same community websites, see the same videos, and take advice from people who are just like themselves.  At BSMDABC, we are different.  By understand cultural, ethnic and geographic differences, we know how to make you articulate your difference and be "convincingly unique", yourself and original so that admissions officers can pick you out of the crowd.​  As an admissions experts who also focus on public relations and personal branding within the context of college admissions, we help attendees identify and refine their personal image so that they can differentiate themselves from other qualified applicants! The cultural, intellectual, racial and professional diversity within our team helps us identify what makes our camp attendees stand out!

Our camp team consists of Dr. Paul R. Lowe and Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe (managing directors of BS/MD Admissions Advisors) and guests: former directors of admissions

The Right Beats:  We add soul, pizazz, jazz, hip-hop, rhythm, vibe, groove, funk and collaborative syncopation to your application. After we are finished with your application and essays, they will have right beat to be enjoyed by admissions officers.  See Dr. Lowe's Blog: College Essays - Musical Pieces.  By the way, Dr. Lowe plays jazz harmonica and banjo and Dr. Cartwright-Lowe plays the piano. 

Our Team

*Empowering you to Brainstorm, Tune-up and Polish your BS/MD Applications!*

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Dr. Paul Lowe

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WOW-Factor  is that certain "je ne sais quoi" that adds extra flair to an application as well as everything you do in your college admissions journey. It's a sort of thing that is hard to name, but is easy to spot by an admissions officer/or committee. Your charisma, confidence, motivation, initial impression, appearance, communication skills, attitude, self-esteem, authenticity, presence, harmony, rhythm and vibe all contribute to your wow factor.  We help each attendee develop his/her wow factor so that our admissions strategies help applicants spotlight their unique characteristic(s) that make admissions officers say “Wow! We want this student!” 

Color:  We add color (ROYGBIV) to your application and essays......because colorless applications are boring to admissions officers and can be easily rejected!  By adding color, we make your application and student profile more interesting.  Color matters!

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Competitive Advantage:  Admissions is a competitive sport!  However, unlike grade school everyone does not receive medal.  Just look at the number of students who are rejected every year from each BS/MD program.  Quite simply, you want a COMPETITIVE APPLICATION ADVANTAGE!  We know, understand and embrace the ultra-competitive nature of college and medical school admissions!  We develop application advisory strategies personalized for our camp attendees that are not found on the internet, in blogs, books and publications so that they can get accepted into the school of their dreams!  Most importantly, we use valuable and useful information, our knowledge-intelligence and diversity to direct our camp attendees to make the right decisions on their applications with certainty to win!

Each camp session will be led by Dr. Paul Lowe and Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe

Our Camp Support Team:  Professional readers, editors, former college admissions officers, marketing/public relations specialists speech writers. 

BS/MD Application Boot Camp, our professional team can:

  • Assist you in brainstorming, organizing, reviewing and polishing your applications to the Ivies.
  • Review your drafts for spelling, content, style, tone, diction, word usage, and flow.
  • Review your draft for clarity, format, grammar, punctuation, and organization.
  • Identify any red flags or inconsistencies.
  • Skillfully PROOFREAD and EDIT your application.
  • Find stray typos that an electronic spell check will miss.
  • Provide you with an activities template to be incorporated in your application.
  • Provide you with revisions.
  • Proof your final versions before submission.  Our private, one-on-one, follow-up consultation session.
  • Coordinate multiple essays to ensure that they are different as well as consistent.

With regard to your Common Application essays and supplemental essays, we can help you:

  • Write an essay that can CAPTURE your admissions officer's ATTENTION!
  • Construct a well-written, coherent and focused essay.
  • Professionally proofread, edit and fine-tune the details of your essay.
  • Guide you to express yourself, accurately and concisely in your VOICE!
  • Effectively articulate your uniqueness so that your essay can stand out.
  • Communicate and express your strengths and individuality.
  • Highlight your interests, achievements, talents and special abilities.
  • Write an essay that conveys your authenticity, genuineness and true self.
  • Write a compelling, meaningful, convincing and engaging essay.
  • Convince and impress admissions committee members to want to ACCEPT you!